Roll With The Brunches

Probably my favourite meal to cook and eat is brunch. It makes me instantly day dream of slippers, a paper and feeling relaxed, sigh. I love all the possible ingredients and you can’t beat the smell of sausages and bacon. Brunch simply makes me smile and happy. I show my love for people through food, so if I’ve made you brunch then you’ve made it into my heart. So if you’re brain is fried or scrambled from your busy week, then it’s no yolk, so take this egg-cellent chance to try some of these cracking recipes, I CANT STOP! 

The best discovery I made to accompany all brunches is chilli jam, I discovered this in an amazing cafe and deli in Brixton, London called Rosie’s. I have been told that the chilli jam had to be renamed as there were customers spreading it on their toast and not being too pleased, numpties, so they have renamed it chilli relish. Transform your scrambled eggs, bacon butties, or even pop some on salmon. The zingy, sweet and hot jam is just heaven.

The best one I’ve found, other than homemade, is Mrs Darlington’s sweet chilli relish, it’s British, comes in lovely packaging and tastes great. Making homemade chilli jam means making a large quantity so you would have to give it out as presents, I can sample any needed, or if you have made too much I’ll take 3 jars off your hands! You can buy this marvellous stuff at:

This week I can finally use all the egg puns going, my dreams have come true.


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