Brød, meaning bread, is a busy, lovely Danish cafe nestled in Canton/ Pontcanna. It has managed to  encapsulate a Danish culture, taste and decor, and brings something new and unique to Cardiff. There is a really friendly and cosy environment, where you can stay for hours or quickly pop in for a pastry or loaf of bread. 

It has a modern, simple, rustic and stylish decor, from the brick walls to the wooden counter, and from the milk bottles, with delicate flowers in them, to the rolling pin wall. The attention to detail means that you really feel that you are in an authentic Danish bakery. I also love the lighting and the bird houses in the toilets. 

The menu is host to many traditional Danish breads, pastries and cakes. All of which is translated from Danish, into English and Welsh. I love the breakfast roll, which is a lovely crusty roll with Swiss cheese, so simple and delicious. Also, the Danish take on a sausage roll, or pølsehorn, can’t be missed. The cakes include corgette cake and dream cake, both equally as luscious. You are spoilt for choice which is why there is also various amazing, artisan breads and pastries to take away, all displayed in the window. 

The tea and coffee here is amazing, all served in stylish navy crockery. So if you do just want a cuppa then this is perfect.

The kitchen is at the back of the cafe and is open plan, you can see that everything is cooked freshly on site. The owners passion for baking came from her Grandad who was a baker, she then learnt to bake and has also passed this onto her children, this family passion is very apparent at this cafe. 

The staff are knowledgeable about the menu and origins, aswell as being really friendly and efficient. When we were chatting they were saying that in Denmark you would always go and buy a pastry or cake to take with them when popping to a friends house etc, and that bread is a huge part of their daily lives. Hence,the variety and take away options. 

I love this little slice of Denmark and love the ambience, food and the effort that the owner has gone to, to make sure you feel the important connection between his cafe and the Danish concept ‘hygge’.

A little cwtchy corner to read a book or people watch.

Very child friendly, with a bag of dinosaurs for little ones to play with, plus changing facilities. 

The very tasty Tomat oh Oste Snegl (tomatoe and cheese snail), this has lots of herbs and flavour.

Chokolade Kugie (chocolate ball), which has a gooey, doughy like texture, there is also a rum version of this.

You can find this gem at: 126 Wyndham Cres, Cardiff CF11 9EG

For more information visit:


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