Sunflower and I

I love this cafe and bar because you could spend all day just walking round and looking at the decor and trinkets, of which most are for sale. Even all the corners have something in them. You are hit with the most beautiful smell walking in, as this cafe is also a flourist. It feels so opulent and stylish. I feel like visiting here is a real treat and it has an air of calm and presence about it. The owners have communicated their love of interior, decedance and flouristry. The bouquets are so unique and again opulent, which fits in with the whole environment.

The menu is in the middle of a collection of novels. It boosts a lovely afternoon and tea and has an amazing selection of teas and coffees. As well as great wine and beer. 

There are frequent concerts, art exhibits and cabaret evenings. The piano placed in the middle as a centre piece is a part of these musical evenings.  All the details of events are on their website.

You can find this little treasure trove at:

 1 Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff Bay, CF10 5EE


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