Quesadilla Puns Are Too Cheesy

This is basically a Mexican toastie, but uses tortilla wraps. They are really quick and easy, the hardest part is flipping them over, and if you really are rubbish at this, then grill the one side instead. Cut the vegetables quite finely and don’t use any oil when frying or it becomes too greasy, which makes it healthier than a toastie. You can experiment with different fillings, including using leftovers.  I love the crispy, crunchy outside and the gooey, oozy middle.

Serves 1-2


2 tortilla wraps

Large handful of grated cheddar or Red Leicester cheese

1/4 orange pepper

1/4 courgette

1 spring onion

A few kidney beans

Chillis or jalapeños if you like heat


Cut all of the vegetables into small pieces.

Place a tortilla into a frying pan on a low heat. Then add the cheese and vegetables, making sure that it’s evenly spread throughout the tortilla, then add another tortilla. Cook for about 3 minutes until you can see it start to brown, then using a spatula, flip over and cook the other size until brown.

Cut into four and serve with sour cream or guacamole.


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