The Bearded Taco

As it’s Mexican week I thought I’d share these tacos from heaven by Bearded Tacos, which is a rude phrase for lady bits!  They are a regular at Depot, in Cardiff, which hosts a variety of street food in a very cool warehouse. The two guys that own and run the mobile street food van have luxurious beards and ooze cool vibes, this is emulated in their menu. Which hosts international flavours with locally produced food served in a homemade tortilla, and all gluten free. I had the The Bahn-Miguel (great pun) which includes Vietnamese BBQ pork with pickled carrot and daikon fresh chillis, coriander leaves, and sriracha Mayo. Their menu also consists of gin soaked tempura avocado and fish finger tacos, also with great pun names. 

Have a further look at these bearded beauties on Twitter @thebeardedtacos 

Also, for more info on Depot Cardiff, 22 Dumballs Road, Cardiff, CF10 5FE visit


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