Goat-ein Minty Fritatta

This is so fresh and summery that if you have it in the winter it will transport you back to a sunny memory. I’ve made this for summer BBQ’s or for a picnic, as it tastes lovely cold. Although, hot and when the goat’s cheese is melted, makes my eyes roll back into my head with delight.

If you want something quick then try a goat’s cheese, mint and pine nut omlette.

Serves 4

Time: 20 minutes


6 eggs

5-6 slices of goat’s cheese

Handful of you’re favourite mint flavour

Salt and pepper

Sweet potatoes

Cherry tomatoes or peas

Pine nuts


Thinly slice sweet potatoes and the boil for 5 mins.

Whisk the eggs in a bowl to get lots of air into them, add salt and pepper, most of the mint and goats cheese. You can use feta cheese of you prefer.
In a frying pan toast the pine nuts for a few minutes and set aside.

Layer the sweet potato over the bottom of the pan so it’s a few levels of sweet potatoes tall, leave gaps for the egg to go into.

Pour over the egg mixture. Add the tomatoes and more goats cheese to the top.

Place over a medium heat for 5 minutes so that the bottom is cooked. 

Then place under a grill until the goats cheese has started to brown and the eggs have cooked, then straight from the grill sprinkle over the rest of the mint and pine nuts.


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